Cubescom is a full service ICT provider based in Finland

Cubescom is a full-service IT company and provider of a wide range of software solutions. We supply ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, mobile applications and tailor-made solutions.

Our mission is to add to our customers’ success by providing high-quality ICT solutions and services. We supply solutions for ERP and results reporting as well as staff and device resource management. We also offer the following services: web pages, online stores and portal solutions, extranet and intranet services, customer management solutions as well as marketing, sales and data management and reporting solutions to support management.

If we do not have a ready-made software solution for our customers we create one for them in accordance with their requirements.  Our expertise covers also architectures, feasability analysis and research projects. 

Göliska IT improved its customer service and achieved cost savings with Clearpulse

Göliska IT were looking for a management tool that would enhance efficiency, improve customer service and bring cost savings. After the competition, Göliska IT chose Clearpulse because it turned out to be the best system which could provide the sufficient solutions for the addressed challenges.

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Combi Works and Cubescom are working together to develop concepts for the technology industry

Combi Works carries out large research and development projects supported by Tekes, the aim of which is to identify the opportunities created by new technologies to provide solutions to broader production problems. Cubescom is acting as partner for the systems part of the project. You can read about how this project has progressed and what issues have been encountered.

Savonlinja gets new ERP system for managing the bus operating activities

The second biggest private bus operating company in Finland Savonlinja and Cubescom have been successfully collaborating for quite a long time. The result of the last project is the new ERP system tailored specifically for Savonlinja needs.

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