Cubescom Oy confirms the purchase of the JPP-Soft

2017-04-04 02:59 PM

Artikkelin kuva allekirjoitustilaisuudesta (kuva: Nina Kemppi). Paikalla vasemmalta lukien seuraavat henkilöt: Tero Suominen (toimitusjohtaja, Cubescom Oy), Per Leftinger (hallituksen puheenjohtaja, C

Cubescom Oy has confirmed the purchase of the JPP-Soft Oy from Kemppi Oy. The turnover of the acquired company has been around 2,1 million EUR in 2015. This new corporate union offers full range of software solutions, information systems and digital services to its customers. The acquisition creates an outstanding base for the Cubescom growth both to the local and international markets.

The customer’s demands have been growing continuously and the companies nowadays prefer getting all the required information systems and services from the same vendor. One of the main strategic objectives for Cubescom is to satisfy the needs of their customers with the extensive and reliable ICT services. The acquisition of JPP-Soft enforces the company’s digital capabilities to the great extent. As an example, the websites, extranet and intranet services, customer management solutions as well as marketing, sales and management maintain the information management and reporting solutions.

JPP-Soft Oy has established its place among the software providers with the high product quality. Under the ownership of Kemppi Oy the company has been offering information systems management solutions for marketing, sales, management and communication as well as other services. Founded in 1992, JPP-Soft had its turnover around 2,1 million EUR by 2015 and employed 15 people in Lahti.

Kemppi is a long-term leader in the field of IoT and digital services for the welding technology area. The deal with Cubescom creates an excellent opportunity for Kemppi to concentrate more on the development of their own digital services for welding technology.

On the other hand, Cubescom benefits from the deal by integrating the new hi-tech knowledge which, in turn, creates opportunities for expansion into new production areas and/or new market sectors. Generally, the acquisition creates a solid foundation for Cubescom’s organic growth both locally and internationally.

More info:
Tero Suominen, Managing Director, Cubescom Oy,, +358 50 5748 234
Kari Kemppi, Managing Director, JPP-Soft Oy,, +358 44 2899 353

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