ERP optimised for mobile use

The Production Enterprise Planning system optimised for mobile devices for technicians and workers on the go

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning system optimised for tablets which facilitates the everyday working of technicians and workers on the go. This mobile ERP enables the maintenance of ordering systems and customer relations, monitoring the progression of work and adding work to the invoice system. ERP optimised for mobile use benefits everyone from workers to supervisors and management. It is a great mobile solution from ordering to invoicing.

Our customers

Property Maintenance firm Kolppanen

This animated presentation shows how easily the CoApp system operates and facilitates the operation of your business.


Technicians’ resourcing in your calendar

Workflows created and processed easily

Salary integration – technicians’ time tracking directly to the payroll department

Customers’ credit details checked with the help of credit data integration

LVISNET-wholesale integration based on referrals

With the accountant link information directly to your bookkeeper

Key benefits

Cost savings

Facilitates the technicians’ work

Easy to use and implement

”Reduce the amount of unnecessary work and move up-to-date with your mobile device. Get in touch today!”

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