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Have you considered opening-up an online store? An online store is an essential part of modern business as consumers and companies are making more purchases online than ever before. We create online stores ranging from small to extensive portal type online store solutions. We produce B2B and B2C online stores and these stores will always fit in with the branding of your business. Integrations and customizations are also possible.

Our customers


We developed a Datastore online store for Kemppi via which their customers could buy welding services and parts for their machinery. Using the online store their customers can get hold of exactly what they need.

Oilon: online store for spare parts

Hands up if you haven't heard of Oilon’s oil burners and heating devices? They can be found all over Finland. We created an online store through which Oilon can receive spare parts orders 24/7.

Elfving Signum

Importer Elfving can now efficiently publish details about its products. By waving their magic wands, our UIX team and software gurus implemented new online services using our eMedia Enterprise platform.


Small online stores

Medium-sized online stores and big portal solutions

Tailor-made solutions and integration

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Grow your sales

Customer friendly

Facilitates marketing

Online store for your business

With the help of an online store you can maximise your sales at a minimal cost. Setting up an online store does not need to be an expensive or complicated investment. Contact us and see what type of solution would be best for your business.


In what kind of shape is your online store? We will carry out a free website assessment of your company’s web services in which we will assess the content and how user friendly it is.


”Finnish online trading grew 40% last year. Do you want your company to be part of that growth?”

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