Product information management

Make your business more efficient than ever before

What if your product and service information could be managed in one place and you could publish it on to different sales and marketing channels with localized content? Centralized product information creates real opportunities to develop your business and productivity, like bringing products to market quicker and opening up online sales channels to customers and retailers.

Our customers

Oilon Care

Oilon Care keeps the installation and maintenance data for Oilon's burners and heat pumps up-to-date. Technicians and purchasers of Oilon’s equipment can take advantage of this solution, helping them with warranty issues and ensuring that the maintenance of devices is carried out professionally with high standards.

Elfving Signum

Importer Elfving can now efficiently publish details about its products. By waving their magic wands, our UIX team and software gurus implemented new online services using our eMedia Enterprise platform.


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Marketing channel

Sales channel

Key benefits

Optimise your business

Cost savings

Enables your business to work more efficiently

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