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By service design we mean innovating, planning and developing services by utilising procedures and processes used in design processes. With the help of service design it is possible to learn to understand your customers better and learn your customers’ hidden requirements and wishes. We also help your business to succeed by means of digital marketing: a strong company image and digital marketing convey the impression of reliability, quality and a strong brand. We will help you gain a competitive edge over the others and increase your sales.

We make use of service design principles in everything we do and this is included in all our projects.

Our customers


Opinkirjo wanted competition material which had earlier been in print form to be in electronic form and to be available to everyone online. The natural solution to this problem was to create a website for the competition, the structure and design for which were developed with customer input.

Clase Marine Group

Branding design for Swedish Clase Marine Group

Clase Marinen verkkosivulle

Skogbo Invest AB

Branding design for Swedish Skogbo Invest


Service design

Planning a new visual identity for your business

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