Upgrade and maintenance of data systems

Management of application lifecycle

Some companies have invested heavily in their data systems but with the passing of time their usability, effectiveness and data security levels no longer meet the needs of their business. The aim of updating is to develop, simplify and maintain as well as lengthen the lifespan of the system. Upgrading will be done on a customer-by-customer basis in accordance with the needs of your business. The update process can be done in stages to prevent any downtime. This process improves the usability of the existing sofware, improves your business efficiency and brings cost savings.

Our customers


”We noticed that we needed a whole new system to keep up with our changed working environment. We have worked with Cubescom before and we knew that they would be able to create a new system for us tailored to our requirements.” Business Director Harri Leskinen, Savonlinja

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Suomen Viljava Oy

Suomen Viljava Oy is Finland’s largest company specialised in the processing and storage of grain. Through our update service we brought Viljava’s system up-to-date and we are now responsible for its maintenance. Through this process usability improved and became more efficient. We continue to take care of the maintenance and future development of the updated system. 


Update process

Management and maintenance


Key benefits

Use of the data systems becomes more efficient

Cost savings

Improves work efficiency

”We always implement our update service on a customer specific basis in accordance with their needs.”

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